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GOLD RUSH - LIVE AT LAST now on sale - Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P

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GOLD RUSH - LIVE AT LAST now on sale

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Back in 1980 when Tommy Emmanuel was taking a break from the guitar, he and his brother Phil put together a band called GOLD RUSH with Tommy on drums and vocals, and Phil on Electric Lead and vocals. There is only one recording of the band recorded live direct to 2 track with no overdubbing. This is it.

Other band members include David Mare or vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, Chris Haigh on bass guitar and vocals, Mark Collins on banjo, mandolin, electric guitar and vocals.

Due to the original master tape not being available, this recording has been produced using technology develped by Remasters, Pty. Ltd from a Vinyl LP. For more info on Remasters go to This CD was imported from Australia.


  1. White Russia
  2. Sweet Elise
  3. Cactus
  4. tff
  5. Desert Wind
  6. Keep In Touch
  7. Duelling Banjos
  8. Sweet Home Alabama
  9. Dixie Breakdown


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